Next Level Basketball Training and Skills Development Program operates under the 501 (c)3 non-profit organization Chills Diamond Ring Education Foundation and have serviced hundreds of youth from the urban communities of Boston with one goal of leaving with them life lessons learned through mentorship after school programs and training camps and clinics to be successful in todays world.


We will be hosting a community event on August 28, 2016 involving members of the basketball community ranging from parents, youth and teens to help raise awareness of gun violence in the urban areas of Boston Massachusetts. All participating persons will dribble a basketball from Dorchester (Harambee Park) to Roxbury (Malcolm X Park) making every bounce heard as a symbol of their voice to decrease the amount of violence in the urban communities.


All money raised will go towards the long-term efforts of the foundation to include year round mentoring, after school programming, financial literacy education, health and fitness through sports clinics and camps, social development and ultimately increase the amount of quality recreational outlets for urban youth from across the greater Boston community.


Another word for dribbling a basketball is “handle” in basketball language that is why we say “Handle Gun Violence”. So we are asking anyone who has the ability to handle a basketball to “Handle Gun Violence” with us.


The purpose of this event is to bring communities together to lower the amount of gun violence in the community. We are looking to educate youth on what to do if they see someone with a gun, or if they find a gun what they should do, how to respond if a “friend” ask them to hold a gun or if they witness a shooting; the positive impacts it will have on families if they are able to provide information on what they have witnessed.


Help us on our journey to improve the quality of life in the urban communities and provide services and events to steer our youth in the right direction to be successful.


Thank you,

Royce Veal


(617) 908-2364