Personal: Marketing Manager, Trainer and Defensive Specialist James Hall was born June 23, 1981 in Boston, MA. Mr. Hall has experience in owning his own business / clothing brand. He also has teaching experience in the Brockton and Lynn public school systems for nine years now. Mr. Hall is a defense player with the athletic ability to attack the basket with great shooting ability. Mr. Hall has coordinated, sponsored and coached several basketball tournaments, leagues and AAU teams throughout Mass / Rhode Island. A few of these programs include the Louis Saunders Memorial Basketball Tournament, the Paul Revere Basketball League and the Rainmakers AAU team. In addition, Mr. Hall’s brand THE CITI TEAM is a proud sponsor of the Metro Boston AAU Basketball Program.

UMass Boston: Mr. Hall started his college basketball career at Edward Waters College (NAIA) in 2000 and finished at UMass Boston Division III. Sophomore, junior and senior years he led the team in steals with 4 per game. Mr. Hall was named the defensive player of the year in 2005. He worked hard on pushing the Beacons to conference playoffs. Mr. Hall helped lead UMass Boston to there first Conference Championship (LEC) his senior year in 2006, which was UMass Boston’s first conference championship in history.

Brunswick High School: Mr. Hall started his athletic career at Brunswick High School in Brunswick, GA in 1995. He played basketball for three years, football for two years and ran cross county track in field for two years. Mr. Hall played these sports to work on speed and jumping ability. He quickly exceled in basketball and continued focusing on this sport. His vertical was a 53” starting his sophomore year. During his junior and senior years he averaged 5 steals a game and played a power forward both years due to his defensive skills and athletic ability.